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I wasn’t born with a paintbrush in my hand.   Neither would I say that it was always my goal to live out in the country,yet here we are, living as a family of two  on a small acreage in rural Oklahoma.

We started out as city folk, in a 1930’s colonial style home that we loved and worked to restore.  As the years went by though,  our charming vintage neighborhood began to go downhill.  We realized we needed to relocate so we began to evaluate our options.

We aren’t exactly what one would call suburban neighborhood compatible.  We are HOA rebels.  We have four dogs.  I have always preferred gardens, clover meadows, and massive flower beds to a manicured lawn.   I wanted a clothesline long before they were popular, and was much intrigued by the idea of backyard chickens.  The more we thought about where we’d fit best, the more we began to gravitate towards the country.  

We soon located a small acreage in a small rural farm town just 20-some miles east of us.  We had a small red pole barn built and finished out as a home.  Once settled, we placed an order for some chickens from a local hatchery.   In the process of building our “homestead” the opportunity to become market gardeners presented itself.  Being a former Master Gardener myself with an interest in heirloom vegetables, I was delighted.  Husband took a leave of absence from his job and we happily declared ourselves full time farmers.

Danvers Carrot                           Cabbage                      Beet


For months we battled the elements: hail, snow, unseasonable temperatures, hungry rabbits, and pests of all sorts.  We struggled to collect those first few harvests and get them to market only to learn that there was not much of an interest in our area for heirloom produce.  No one really seemed to see Forellenschluss lettuce with the same eyes as I did, few people cared if what they purchased was in season or organic.  Most were looking for plasticky red tomatoes in mid-winter.  We had to conclude that we couldn’t make a go of it.

We were heartbroken and disappointed.  Husband went back to work, and I scrounged around looking for a Plan B.  One night, feeling especially discouraged, I sat down at the dinner table.  On a whim, I took up a ballpoint pen and drew a basket.  The basket was followed by a cabbage, which was followed by a chicken.  Chicken and chickThat evening I discovered that I could draw.

My husband encouraged my efforts, helped me assemble my computer software suite, and set up my office (which included assembling a desk from IKEA!).  

Inspired by my chickens, my country surroundings and my garden, I began to create hand illustrated seed packets, garden planners, chicken planners, stationary, greeting cards, invitations, and the like.  

In addition to designing and creating products I was being asked to do custom work:  blog/website graphics, illustrations, and logos.

All of my illustrations are drawn and colored by hand. Each hard copy item is printed here in my office which overlooks one of three chicken runs and a vegetable garden.  My notebooks, journals, and planners are cut out and bound one at a time on a dining room table.   Final touches which include homespun packaging are finished in the kitchen.  Everything is then loaded into our pick up (which we learned every farm needs) and mailed from our rural post office.

Every effort is made to create something special, unique, and high quality.  When you receive it we hope that you experience a little bit of what we have here: sunshine, lots of fresh air, critter love, and simple living.


Ladybug Ladybug Ladybug Ladybug Ladybug Pencil